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Grey Niche

Media Blitz for Samhaine

Posted on 2013.09.27 at 14:05
Ok.... So far, have posted it to Gleann Abhann, Meridies, Calontir, and Ansteorra. Small Gray Bear, Grey Niche, Dim Gerlaw (Jackson, TN), Marshaine Fayne, Friends of Fayne, Redwolfden, and Grey Raven. All on Facebook. And then there are the groups; Largess Makers, two different groups called SCA, History of the Kingdom of Meridies, The Raised Hand - We Serve, SCA Parents, and House Silver Needle (that's my household)...

Today, I started the e-mail blitz..... I've gone to everyone's websites, and I've hit Axemoor, Seleone, and Small Gray Bear. (if I could find an e-mail address, I used it!) I sent to the shires of Ardenroe, Blackwood, Blackmoor Keep, Dragounsweal, Hammerhold, Iron Ox, Northover, Lagerdamm, and Rooks Haven.

I still have more to send, but I'm doing one email at a time to EVERYONE I can find on a single group's page.... The title being something like "From the Barony of Grey Niche unto the Shire of Dragounsweal" or "From the Barony of Grey Niche, to our Southern Cousins of Seleone"...

I could not find any actual addresses for Loch Bais.

Once I get all of the groups in Gleann Abhann finished, I'll start in on Meridian and Calontirian groups.

Is there an actual Webpage for the event? Or just the facebook page?

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