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Attitude of Gratitude
Posted on 2016.07.01 at 13:29
Current Mood: depresseddepressed
I made the mistake of going to Mr. Glisson's page to read what others wrote. Now I am in tears again, reading just how many other lives he touched over the years. He truly was amazing man, and a gift from God. He was an angel in disguise. I grew up thinking I was too stupid to ever understand math. My parents even hired a tutor for me in elementary school. Then I took his class in Jr. High, and BOOM! Algebra actually made sense!
What sorcery is that?

Facebook brought me back to Mr. Glisson. He was always one I could talk to when I needed a friend. Just knowing he was STILL there for me after all those years was..... Comforting.

And then there's all the lives he touched at St. Jude.

The world is emptier without him.

But here's the thing.

We can (read SHOULD) learn from Mr. Glisson's example. Let his life inspire all of those he touched, become better people. Let it inspire us to be more like him. Someone who listens with the intent to hear, not the intent to respond. Someone who is always willing to help a stranger, like they were our best friend. There will never be another Jim Glisson, but maybe we can all be a little bit more like him.

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