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Attitude of Gratitude
Posted on 2016.07.01 at 13:29
Current Mood: depresseddepressed
I made the mistake of going to Mr. Glisson's page to read what others wrote. Now I am in tears again, reading just how many other lives he touched over the years. He truly was amazing man, and a gift from God. He was an angel in disguise. I grew up thinking I was too stupid to ever understand math. My parents even hired a tutor for me in elementary school. Then I took his class in Jr. High, and BOOM! Algebra actually made sense!
What sorcery is that?

Facebook brought me back to Mr. Glisson. He was always one I could talk to when I needed a friend. Just knowing he was STILL there for me after all those years was..... Comforting.

And then there's all the lives he touched at St. Jude.

The world is emptier without him.

But here's the thing.

We can (read SHOULD) learn from Mr. Glisson's example. Let his life inspire all of those he touched, become better people. Let it inspire us to be more like him. Someone who listens with the intent to hear, not the intent to respond. Someone who is always willing to help a stranger, like they were our best friend. There will never be another Jim Glisson, but maybe we can all be a little bit more like him.

Grey Niche

Thank you's from Candlemas

Posted on 2014.02.04 at 10:11
Current Mood: thankfulthankful
As I have always said, MY Barony is the BEST Barony in the Knowne Worlde!!!
Candlemas went off with flying colors, because WE are Amazing!

I apologize for taking so long with my thank you's, but I have written, and re-written this missive many times in hopes of getting it JUST right! I hope I haven't forgotten anything, or anyone.....

To start with, I want to thank the Barony, not just for all the work you did, making the event so wonderful, but for Believing in Catina, Faelan, and myself, and allowing us the opportunity to try...

A Big Thank you to Catina Cooper, for agreeing to Co-Autocrat with me, and doing such a wonderful job!
Apparently we made a wonderful team, as everyone I talked to enjoyed the day.

Thank you, Faelan Haraldsson, for trusting me enough to come to me with the idea for an event, and asking me to Autocrat it for you! After Beltaine, I was ready to take a break, but you kept me going... Thank you also for the amazing feast, that I didn't have to worry about, in the least little bit!

Lady Sarah Curnutt, thank you for agreeing to be our reservationist, an often thankless job...

Jeremy Payant, your assistance with transportation of baronial goods to and from the storage unit, as well as providing music for atmosphere, and EVERYTHING else you did on Saturday was priceless!
You truly are a gentleman, Lord Jerome!

Thank you, Mason Garner, for agreeing to be our Knight Marshall for our TOC Tournament, and also to John Fulton, and Kat Blalock for all of your assistance.

To Rendy Hunt, I say “Thank you, thank you very much!” for all of your hard work arranging A&S classes, teaching a fabulous, and incredibly involved class on Viking embroidery, and coordinating with the Laurels on our Regional A&S Competition. We couldn't have done it without you!

Jac Cordray and Alaine Alaine White Tyler, our other two A&S Class teachers, thank you for sharing your knowledge and time with everyone, also. The classes we offered may not have been many, but they were wonderfully taught!

A HUGE thank you to Marc McGee, Austin Frakes, Elvis Montego and Mark & Margaret Plunk, for all of the behind the scenes stuff you did, from getting ready for the event, to handling emergency situations during the event. I never had to worry about things like stopped up toilets, mopping up spills, vacuuming up the tracked in debris, etc. You guys all had some part in making sure the place was clean and neat, and impressing the Lady from the church.

When we checked in, as she was going over where things were, and what was expected of us, I made the comment that we like to leave the place cleaner than we found it. Her exact words were, “We'll see...” And she did NOT sound very convinced... Saturday night, when we checked out, we walked the entire space, and all she could say was. “Wow! You guys did a Really good job!”

Leonora Di Vitale, you did a great job as Royal Liason. The room looked really nice, and they had everything they needed, I do believe. * grin*

Elvis Montego, you know how much I appreciate everything you do for our children... Matthew had a blast, and slept really well, Saturday night. As always you are just Awesome!

Thank you, Sean-Patrick O'Donnell for your melodious voice, and your sense of humor... Your job as Herald is not an easy one. But you make it look like a breeze!

Cormac TheBald and Jac, you guys dedicated your time to the Troll table, and things moved along smoothly, thank you SO very much. (Oh and Jac? THANK YOU for the donuts!!!!!)

Thank you to Patrick Philpot, Rendy Hunt, Ray DuBose, Kendra DeVaughn, Jeremiah Mazurek, Linnet MacLeod, Lindsay Philpot, Kat Blalock, Devin, Will the Cook, Mazelle Attiya, Keri Neece, Kitsune Tamamiko, Pam Sokoll, Peggy Sokoll, Fleur Stewart and everyone else who helped, for all the assistance in Kitchen.

And to the children of the Barony, that helped at feast, Brighid Kaelyn Plunk, Rebecca Plunk, Isaac Plunk, Matthew Miller, Conner Easley, Faith Good, and the others that helped whose names I do not know...

Thank you to Caren 'Snyder' Walloch, Neale Carter, Mark Mark Lavette, William Rhodes, Dennis West, Christopher Biagi Sr. for all the assistance throughout the day where it was needed.
And especially to William Hopper for being my rock, and organizing the great Table/Chair hunt, and even going home to get more chairs so everyone had a place to sit, at feast!

A special thank you to Their Royal Highness Uther VonZiemer, and Brigit Olesdottir for their presence, and to her excellency Linnet MacLeod for her support.


Greetings Capricorn...

Posted on 2013.11.07 at 12:22
Current Mood: creativecreative
Your horoscope for November 7, 2013

The pursuit of business matters having to do with the creative arts in some way could take up a lot of your time today, Susannah. You might work on a grant proposal, consult with colleagues, or actually buckle down and do some creative work. Others will definitely be involved in some way, and you might spend a lot of time on the phone. Be prepared for a busy day and choose carefully how you want to spend it!

Grey Niche

Media Blitz for Samhaine

Posted on 2013.09.27 at 14:05
Ok.... So far, have posted it to Gleann Abhann, Meridies, Calontir, and Ansteorra. Small Gray Bear, Grey Niche, Dim Gerlaw (Jackson, TN), Marshaine Fayne, Friends of Fayne, Redwolfden, and Grey Raven. All on Facebook. And then there are the groups; Largess Makers, two different groups called SCA, History of the Kingdom of Meridies, The Raised Hand - We Serve, SCA Parents, and House Silver Needle (that's my household)...

Today, I started the e-mail blitz..... I've gone to everyone's websites, and I've hit Axemoor, Seleone, and Small Gray Bear. (if I could find an e-mail address, I used it!) I sent to the shires of Ardenroe, Blackwood, Blackmoor Keep, Dragounsweal, Hammerhold, Iron Ox, Northover, Lagerdamm, and Rooks Haven.

I still have more to send, but I'm doing one email at a time to EVERYONE I can find on a single group's page.... The title being something like "From the Barony of Grey Niche unto the Shire of Dragounsweal" or "From the Barony of Grey Niche, to our Southern Cousins of Seleone"...

I could not find any actual addresses for Loch Bais.

Once I get all of the groups in Gleann Abhann finished, I'll start in on Meridian and Calontirian groups.

Is there an actual Webpage for the event? Or just the facebook page?

Grey Niche

The Barony of Grey Niche presents Samhain

Posted on 2013.09.27 at 12:02
SCA-Trek The Next Generation

October 11 – 13, 2013

Piersol Group Camp, Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park
910 Riddick Road, Millington, TN 38053
901-876-5215 or 800-471-5293

This event will be a unique one! The youth of our land are hosting their first event! Of course, each child has an official mentor to deal with the legal issues, and fill key positions that must be held by an adult. However, the entirety of this event will be run by the youth. It is all about them learning the “How and Why” behind what we do, so come and see how our future generations reenact the past!

Join us on Friday night for a torchlight tournament, Friday night Filk competition, and Travelers Faire. There will be a full day of activities on Saturday, with lots of fighting for heavy and light! We have A&S classes and Bardic competitions scheduled, and there will also be an amazing feast Saturday evening! Bring your aluminum can pull tabs! The youth will be collecting this “future metal” to donate to the Ronald McDonald House.




Posted on 2013.04.22 at 21:10

Just a reminder!

Come test your might at the Henry’s Shieldless Double Elimination Tournament Challenge NEXT WEEKEND, at Beltaine!

You will square off against your foe on one of two battlefields, in a test of your skill with a multitude of weapons, chosen by a lucky spin of the wheel!

Weapons will consist of:
*Hafted Weapons (axes and hammers/4 foot or better)
*Hand and a half half swords
* “Chopphas”
*6 foot war hammers
*6 foot pole axes

Weapons will always be matched to one of the same. Simultaneous engagement on two fields of battle, Winners bracket will stay in open field; the loser’s bracket will contain a barrier.

There Should be a few extra weapons of each style that can be "borrowed" but please feel free to bring your own, and maybe another to loan out.


Load Out

Posted on 2013.04.19 at 21:24
Current Mood: nervousnervous
It looks like Our Load-Out will be at Noon on Friday, for anyone that wants to help!

And we'll Load back in Sunday, after the event, to get it over and done with!

Caedmon Jorvik, William Hopper, are you still able to help?

Grey Niche

Gift Boxes

Posted on 2013.04.19 at 19:02
Current Location: United States, Arkansas, Marion
Current Mood: mischievousmischievous
Current Music: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Just so you know, Tuesday night's meeting will be the last chance to give us (the autocrats) stuff to give to our Royal Liaison for Their Majesties gift boxes...
Please, ladies and gents, lets show our appreciation to Their Royal Majesties for coning out to our humble little (read EPIC) event! Catina has made really awesome feast boxes for each of them, let's help fill them with awesome stuff!




Posted on 2013.04.19 at 17:57
For those of you coming to Beltaine, if any of you have mint plants, and would be willing to bring some with you to the event, we'd like to use them in our decorations for feast...

Please let me know if any of you would be willing to help out in this way

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