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Grey Niche

Henry’s Shieldless Double Elimination Tournament Challenge

Posted on 2013.04.19 at 21:38

Just a reminder!

Come test your might at the Henry’s Shieldless Double Elimination Tournament Challenge NEXT WEEKEND, at Beltaine!

You will square off against your foe on one of two battlefields, in a test of your skill with a multitude of weapons, chosen by a lucky spin of the wheel!

Weapons will consist of:
*Hafted Weapons (axes and hammers/4 foot or better)
*Hand and a half half swords
* “Chopphas”
*6 foot war hammers
*6 foot pole axes

Weapons will always be matched to one of the same. Simultaneous engagement on two fields of battle, Winners bracket will stay in open field; the loser’s bracket will contain a barrier.

There Should be a few extra weapons of each style that can be "borrowed" but please feel free to bring your own, and maybe another to loan out.

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