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Schedule Of Events For Beltaine

Posted on 2013.04.18 at 07:01
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5pm– Site Opens

7pm– Tavern serves Traveler’s Faire and offers Board Games (Hall)

9pm– Round Robin Storytelling (Bon Fire Circle)

10pm– Bardic Competition (Bon Fire Circle)

7am– Breakfast (Hall)

9am Armor Inspection (Field A)
A & S Competition Opens (Hall)
(tentatively penciled in Trebuchet demo; pending Master of Seize Weapons ok)

10am Henry’s Tournament- (Field A&B)
Ladies Solar (Beside the Field)
Knitting—Mistress Alysia
Tablet Weaving– Lady Theodorada
Weaving – Lady Brenna
Embroidery — Lady Sarah
Illumination – THL Llewen
Children Mock Hunt and other Activities
(Field by Cabin B)

Noon Lunch (Hall)

1pm - Baronial Rapier Championship (Field A)
Youth TOC (Field B)
“Tudor Succession” Mistress Anna-Nikki
(Classroom cabin A: 2 hour class)
“Archery: It's Medieval Use and Theory." Lord Kenneth
(Classroom cabin B)
“Tudor Dance Class” Sir Caedmon (Hall)
*Baronial Court will take place on field as soon as fighting is done.

2pm - Riddle Hunt/ Children's Activities’ (Meet at Hall)
“Secret History of the SCA) THL Brendon
(Classroom cabin D)
Archery (Archery Field)

4pm - Royal Court (Hall)

6pm - Feast (Hall)
Children’s Feast and movie night (Classroom cabin A)

After Feast: Ball
More Storytelling (Bon Fire Circle)

7am Breakfast (Hall)

10 am Site Closes



Posted on 2013.04.18 at 06:44
Just a reminder of all of the wonderful contests we have going on at Grey Niche's Beltaine:

1. Bardic competition on Friday Night
2. A&S has 3 categories: Early Period, SCA Life, and General
3. NEW: Desert Competition during the Ball on Saturday: populous vote, does not have to be period recipe.

PARENTS: Don't forget a full day of children's activities and a CHILDREN'S FEAST! If you paid for your child's feast, let the reservationist know which feast they will be attending! Or just respond here and I'll let her know.



Posted on 2013.04.14 at 13:51
Its bad enough that I have to pluck hairs from my chin... But do they Have to be grey??

Grey Niche


Posted on 2013.04.11 at 08:19
We have had some questions about vendors at Beltaine. The park has stated that they will not take a fee for vendors at a special event, so anyone who would like to vend there can contact me directly. We already have 2 vendors, so everyone will be set up outside for this event. Let me know if you have any more questions!

Grey Niche


Posted on 2013.04.05 at 13:46
This is what I was thinking of posting to the various list.

For those coming to Beltaine in Grey Niche, we will be holding the Grey Niche Baronial Bardic Competition. The winner will be declared Grey Niche's Court Bard for the next year.

The theme for the competition will be in keeping with the theme of the event. King Henry and his Jane his (current) wife celebrated the upcoming blessed event of the soon to be Prince Edward's birth.
Marriage and Fertility is the theme, compose a sonnet extolling the virtues of love and marriage. Or a baudy song celebrating the making of said love and the virtues of the marriage bed.

The competition will be held Friday night at10:00 after Traveler's Feast.


Ld. Sean-Patrick O'Donnell

Grey Niche

Event Site

Posted on 2013.04.05 at 13:45
More information can be found at http://greyniche.net/wordpress/beltaine/


Hazard tournament

Posted on 2013.04.05 at 13:33
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In preparation for Beltaine's Friday night tavern, and more specifically the tavern's Hazard tournament, here is a description of the rules of Hazard so that those interested in playing have a chance to familiarize themselves before then.

One player at a time has the dice, that person is called the Caster. In each round the caster specifies a number between 5 and 9 inclusive as the Main for that round, and the first round of bets are placed. They then throw the two dice.

If they roll the Main, the caster wins the round (or nicks)
If they roll a 2 or 3, he loses the round (throws out)
If they roll an 11 or 12, the result depends on the main: on a main of 5 or 9 both 11 and 12 throw out; with a main of 6 or 8 you throw out on 11 and nick on12; with a main of 7 you nick on 11 and throw out on 12.
If they neither nick nor throw out, the number rolled becomes the Chance, they have the chance to add another bet to the pot, and the dice are cast again. From here on out if they roll the Chance they win and if they roll the Main they lose. They keep rolling until one of those numbers is thrown, after which the next round begins.

The Caster keeps throwing until they have either wins three times in a row, or loses three times in a row. Then the dice are passed to the player on the left who becomes the new caster.

We will have a short-hand table summary of the rules on hand for the tournament as well.


Early Period A&S

Posted on 2013.03.27 at 13:35
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We apparently have a A&S challenge to go along with our A&S competition, at Beltaine...

Early Period A&S:

Greetings, Good Gentles!
I hope I am posting this in the correct place. I am new to this list, so please excuse me if it is in the wrong place!

Just to let all gentles know, in addition to the event-themed A&S (Tudor) at Beltaine, there will also be an Early Period category!

THL Zhara um Nikko is the mastermind behind this; I mentioned something along these lines (and got neatly talked into doing it): early period people may need another reason to come out and play with the later period people, and this could be it! (Although, coming out and being with everybody is a pretty good motivation on its own!)

I've already made the prize for the category, and if this is well received (i.e., if we get enough entries), I would be willing to try and keep this going whenever there is a late period event in Grey Niche.

So, please, bring your Roman, your Greek, your Celtic and Viking, your Egyptian, your Kentish, all your Early Period Arts & Sciences projects out to Beltaine, in the Barony of Grey Niche, and enter this category!


Yours in Service,
Saerlaith ingen Buadaig

Grey Niche

Royal Liaison

Posted on 2013.03.19 at 13:42
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Good Gentles of the River Valley Realm!

This is a missive from the Royal Liaison for Beltaine, calling to all Ramborn!

We are asking for donations for the royal gift baskets for TRHs, Sir Jon the Tall and Lady Emma del Tree, to be given at Beltaine. We would appreciate donations of largesse, embroidery supplies, healthy snack foods, or Viking-related pieces. Handmade gifts are always welcomed. If you have something small you would like to include, such as an herbal sample (teas or coffees, or perhaps salves or lotions), or gifts for young Rams, please let me know!
You can contact me to arrange pick up of donations at 315-921-5141, or by email at catinamcooper AT gmail DOT com.

In Service to the Dream,

Catena Marciano
Royal Liaison, Beltaine
"Scribed by Leonora di Vitale"

Grey Niche


Posted on 2013.03.18 at 13:44
Current Mood: gamey
Attention Grey Niche, this is your Games Mistress for Beltaine. I am looking for volunteers to be the answers for my riddle quest during the event on Saturday. All that will be required of you, in this roll, is to be present during the day & approachable by those who are questing. I will provide further information upon being contacted.
Also, I am looking for anyone with some archery experience who is willing to help judge the Mock Hunt, also to be held on Saturday. You will be required to score each entrant's shots, as well as the inevitable retouching to the targets.
If you are interested in helping make this Beltaine epic, please contact me at afkumo@gmail.com asap.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

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