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The Dragon's Cave

A day in the life..........

8 January 1975
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I'm the mother of two very adorable boys, ages almost 16, and almost 7, and I love them both so much!!! I'm a member of the SCA.

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80's music, a knight's tale, animals, baking, beads, beale street, being flirted with, belly buttons, belly dance, belly dancers, belly dancing, blowing bubbles, books, brewing, campfire-cooking, camping, candles, castles, cats, celtic, celtic culture, celtic folk music, celtic music, cheap, chivalry, computer games, computers, cooking, cookware, cordials, costumes, costuming, crafts, crimson river, cuddling, d&d, dark elm, de sinestre, decorating, dinja, downtown memphis, dragon's bower, dragons, drumming, dumpster diving, dungeons & dragons, dungeons and dragons, dwarves, earth, elves, elvis, embroidery, fae, faerie tales, faeries, feasts, fey, firefly, flirting, folklore, free stuff, freebies, friends, friendships, gaming, garb, girl scouts, gleann abhann, grey niche, gulf wars, harry potter, herbalism, herbs, history, hugs, illumination, iron chef, jewelry making, kissing, laughing, learning, leatherworking, legion, legionnaires, loki, lord of the rings, loreena mckennitt, love, loving, magic, marshin fayne, mead, medieval, medieval cooking, medieval history, medieval music, medieval renactment, mercenary, meridies, monkeys, movies, music, mythological creatures, mythology, native american, natural dyes, neopets, people watching, period cooking, photography, pixies, playing, poems, poetry, quizes, random acts of kindness, reading, recipes, renaissance, robert jordan, robin williams, romance, romance novels, sca, scadians, scouting, scrapbooking, serenity, serenity movie, sewing, sex, shadow legion, silver, singing, sleeping, society for creative anachronism, spinning, sushi, swords, tarot, texture, the moon, the sca, theatre, thrift stores, thunderstorms, used book stores, wizards, wolves, yardsales